10 unbelievably beautiful cakes

We all love eating a delicious piece of cake, whether it's for a wedding, birthday, or Christmas. In other words, when cake on the menu, we all make a little extra room in our stomachs.

10 unbelievably beautiful cakes

Even though most of us will eat any cake that's handed to us, not all of them are memorable. The cakes that we remember are the ones that not only tasted amazing but were also beautifully decorated. Well, here are ten unbelievably stunning cakes you wish you had in front of you.

Renaissance Delight Cake

Want to live a Jane Austen novel? All you need is a castle and this cake ‐ you're all set. The gold-dusted petals and lace paper is too beautiful even to touch. To be honest, even looking at it is making me nervous. This cake should be featured in an art gallery. But, this is just one example of cake master Maggie Austin. Wait until you see her other cakes; every cake makes you feel like you're in a fairytale.

The Secret Garden Cake

When it comes to defining the word ‘whimsical,' they should have a picture of this cake next to it. When I look at this cake, stories like The Secret Garden or Sleeping Beauty come to mind. Though this is a wedding cake, I just want it to sit in the middle of the room for the rest of my life. Cake Opera Co. creates elegant and jaw-dropping cakes that we can't get enough of. Now I just need to find someone to marry me so I have this cake.

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Another photo of the beyond whimsical wedding cake I created for my beautiful friend @kira_shaimanova To get the moss effect I tinted cookie crumbs in various shades of green and pressed them on to the fondant using a thin coat of diluted piping gel as an adhesive. I finished off the look with a couple of minutes on the airbrush, hitting it first with a deep green for shadows then a pale green for highlights spraying each tone in opposite directions just over the subtle ‘carved hedges’ features. I also took a second to lightly spray the areas where the cobblestone floor meets the moss for a more natural effect. It’s difficult to see but I’ve actually carved circular windows through the gallery walls and the sugar gates..well, maybe I’ll make a video one day in how I go about making those beauties...Original 📸 by @purpletreephotography Perfect location ⛲️@graydonhall_couturecuisine #torontowedding #torontoweddingcakes #weddingcake #enchantedforest #fairytail #whimsicalwedding #manicuredgardens #moss #mosscake #cakeartist #original #eatart

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The Bomb Cake

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. And sure, there aren't any lace or flowers on this cake, but that doesn't mean it isn't beautiful. This chocolate and vanilla cake is wrapped in edible zebra icing with chocolate studs poking out. The design is funky and a little different than your traditional cake. Cake designer, Katherine Sabbath, teacher-turned-baker, make sure all her cakes step outside the box. Though I love soft and elegant cakes, I also dig the edgier ones too.

Amethyst Blue Cake

Amethyst is a mesmerizing crystal, but have you ever seen it on a cake? Okay, this isn't actually real amethyst; instead, it's made of icing sugar. Yup, that's right, icing sugar ‐ and it looks just like the real crystal! The soft baby blue, with the simmer from the imitation amethyst, gives the cake a mystical essence that I can't get enough of. Cake designer Jyoti Nanra certainly has a talented hand when it comes to creating and decorating cakes. This cake is too pretty to eat.

Deep Blue Swirl Cake

When it comes to elegant and Instgramable cakes, cake designer Clifford Luu has the perfect touch. I wouldn't care about putting on a couple of pounds for the sake of this cake. Who needs a scale when you can eat cake! The salted caramel chips are painted with colorful swirls of rose, forest green, and deep purple, adding a pop to the royal blue cake base. Every detail is well thought of; what can I say, it's a piece of art.

Under the Sea Cake

If you're a fan of The Little Mermaid, then there's no way you're not dying for this cake right now. Even if you don't love that Disney classic, this cake is beyond impressive. Nelson Pantano is one cake designer who creates beautiful pieces of art. It was hard to choose which cake to feature because they're all stunning. But I love the vibrancy and colors he used to bring an underwater scene to life. From the coral reef to the sea anemones, each is perfectly hand-crafted without one detail missing.

Blooming in Spring Cake

When we think about spring, usually the warm sunshine, blossoming of flowers, and nature comes to mind. This cake encapsulates the season of spring effortlessly. I had to include another cake from Maggie Austin because each of her cakes is poetry. This cake sweet and gives the feeling of the warm spring sun. I can imagine this cake at a garden tea party or a daytime wedding with soft violin music playing in the background. See? This cake already paints the scene beautifully.

Dripping in Purple Cake

Everyone loves a tasty vanilla cake. Though the vanilla cake is a basic flavor, the design of this one certainly isn't. Dripping in simmering purple icing, topped with macaroons, forest fruits, and flowers, make my mouth water just looking at it. Many of the cakes featured are huge, but smaller cakes can look even cuter. The beauty in this cake is its simplicity and use of color to make us hypnotized with its allure. This is another achievement by cake master, Clifford Luu.

Peach Prize Cake

What do I have to do to get this cake? Cake designer Nadia Colella was a dreamer of tea parties, romance, art. And as you can see, it shows in her cakes. This peach wonder gives the air of royalty and prestige. Who thought that would come from a single cake? From the gold detail to the handcrafted and painted flowers, nothing was missed in this incredible creation. When it comes to imagination, you can see how well Nadia is connected to hers.

Remembering Neverland

Every girl loves fairytales, and this cake lets the imagination run wild. You just want to open the door and peek inside to see a fairy giggling inside. I can't get enough of ‐ I want one of these cakes for myself! This cake is everything a child would want for a fairy-themed tea party or birthday. Cake designer Regina is actually self-taught, which is very impressive. It just goes to show what can happen when you work hard at your passion and let your imagination do the work for you.