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Behind The Scenes: The Secrets And Facts You Should Know About Brad Pitt

Maybe you know him as Jennifer Aniston's ex or having six children with Angelina Jolie, but you've probably said his name out loud before. It's none other than Brad Pitt. Considered one of the 'Sexiest Men Alive,' Brad Pitt had been a Hollywood heartthrob for decades. But do you know his life story? Though he looks like a man who hasn't struggled a day in his life, he hasn't had it that easy. Here are 46 surprising facts about him.

Well-Known Historical Figures You Didn't Know Were LGBTQ

Though many people may think homosexuality is a relatively new occurrence, it's been around since the beginning of time. As far as human history can go back, there have been documents and cultural events that have shown the LGBTQ community was alive and well. Below are historical figures — actors, politicians, musicians, and writers — that you probably didn't know were apart of the LGBTQ community.

Kirk Douglas: Suspect? How the Legendary Actor Was Connected to the Mysterious Disappearance of Jean Spangler

While there are many positive real-life stories from Hollywood, there are also pure tragedies. The story of Jean Spangler will leave you wondering what actually happened to this Hollywood starlet. In 1949, the actress and model disappeared and was never seen again. Since then, her article has remained unsolved, with only cryptic pieces of evidence to help officials tie the case together. Fingers have been pointed to Kirk Douglas for an unusual note that had his name on it. What was his role in her disappearance?

Trans species man who self-identifies as a deer accidentally shot by hunters

For every hunter, their dream is waking up early in the morning, find the perfect spot in the woods, and wait for their prey to stroll right in front of them. And then, bam! Bullseye. Well, that's what happened in this story, but what the hunters discovered was something so unusual, so strange, they didn't know what to do. Did they actually shoot an animal? Or was it something else?

Her Boyfriend Sent Her A Selfie But When She Looked Closer At the Photo, Everything Changed

We all loved to play detective as kids, but what happens when you play detective as an adult? Well, what you find may not be what you want to discover. TikTok user Sydney Kinsch did a little digging on her boyfriend and found something a little unsettling. And if she didn't dig, she would have never have discovered the truth behind her relationship. It looks like TikTok saved the day. What's the story behind this, and what did she discover?