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This Guy has spent more than $750K on 72 cosmetic surgeries; This is how he looks today

Many of us either grew up playing with Ken and Barbie dolls or watching our siblings play with them. And although some of us wanted to be Barbie or Ken, that thought remained a dream. However, for Rodrigo Alves, he decided to make that dream a reality and become a real-life Ken doll. But Alves, he didn't stop at being Ken. Now, he's transformed into a human Barbie, Jessica. How did this all happen? And how has the transition been from going to a Ken Doll to a Barbie?

This Teen Was Bullied Because Of Her 500 Birthmarks But Now She's A Modeling Sensation

The beautiful thing about being a human is that no two people are the same. We're all different, and that's what makes every one of us unique in our own way. However, we do have a "standard" to what we believe is normal. Sadly, when someone doesn't fit that standard, they're usually pushed to the side and judged for the way they were born. This is exactly what happened to Alba Parejo. She stands out for her unique appearance; however, she wasn't welcomed to the community with open and accepting arms.

Boyfriend Is Stunned When Girlfriend Decides To Come Clean And Makes a Confession

This is the touching story of how one woman was able to walk the long road toward self-compassion and understanding, ultimately discovering that being different is not a weakness, it's a superpower.

When These People Takes Off Their Makeup Strangers Treat Them Like Criminals

Though most people don't blink at the sight of a single tattoo, the more tattoos people have the stigma increases. Yes, we've come along way with accepting tattoos, but there's still a stigma against ink. But what happens when people decide to hide their tattoos with makeup? Are they treated differently than before?