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Adding activated charcoal can do wonders to your skin

It's about time you found out the benefits of adding activated charcoal into your skincare regime.

5 Yoga Positions That Will Improve Your Flexibility

If you're looking to loosen your limps and become more flexible, try out these five yoga positions.

This Technology can improve the daily life of people who suffers from Diabetics

People with type 1 diabetes, including Jonathan Garfinkel, decided to take matters into their own hands, with the hopes of pushing the health-care industry and regulators to develop better treatment for type 1 diabetes patients.

This Smart Medical Gadget Can Save Lives

When it comes to the health-care industry, especially with pharmaceuticals, many problems affect one another when undergoing clinical trials. For a trial to work, it relies on its subjects. But when the subjects are people, there's no guarantee they're going to do as told. So, Elucid Digital Health used technology to improve patient reliability and save lives in the future.

How To Enjoy A Fun Evening With Yourself?

You're at home alone, what are you going to do? Netflix isn't your only option when spending a night in by yourself. There are tons of things you can do to enjoy the time you're spending with yourself. You just need to know what those things are.