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New Bionic Eye could Restore Vision in Blind People

For people who are blind, there are not many options out there. But with our advancement in technology means there are new opportunities to restore vision in blind people. In the academic journal Nature, a group of researchers from the United States of America, and Hong Kong, China, introduced a revolutionary bionic eye prototype that is able to mimic a human eye's shape and movement.

Scientists May Found A way to produce renewable energy

When we turn on a kettle, we expect to see water vapor. When we have a hot shower, water vapor fogs up the windows. There are many cases throughout our day where we encounter water vapor and don't even realize it. No one ever looked at it as a possible energy source. That was up until now. A recent study shows that scientists may have found a way to produce renewable energy from water vapor.

This Technology can improve the daily life of people who suffers from Diabetics

People with type 1 diabetes, including Jonathan Garfinkel, decided to take matters into their own hands, with the hopes of pushing the health-care industry and regulators to develop better treatment for type 1 diabetes patients.

Is this how waiters will look in the future?

With social distancing playing a new and crucial role in our societies, the restaurant industry will need to adapt to the changes. On the one hand, this could mean reduced tables and increased prices. But that may not need to happen as LG Electronics has recently teamed up with the Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement (KIRIA), and the online food delivery app Woowa Brothers to create and develop robot waiters.

This Smart Medical Gadget Can Save Lives

When it comes to the health-care industry, especially with pharmaceuticals, many problems affect one another when undergoing clinical trials. For a trial to work, it relies on its subjects. But when the subjects are people, there's no guarantee they're going to do as told. So, Elucid Digital Health used technology to improve patient reliability and save lives in the future.