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10 unbelievably beautiful cakes

Well, here are ten unbelievably stunning cakes you wish you had in front of you.

The untold story of hulk hogan

Whether you're a fan of wrestling or not, there's one wrestler everyone seems to know: Hulk Hogan. Famous for his handlebar mustache and skillet, when he's in the ring, he's unstoppable. But as dramatic as his stage presence is, his personal life is twice as intense. You'll see. A wrestler, musician, actor, and entrepreneur, Hulk Hogan has done just about everything and also has a fair amount of scandals under his belt. It's time you learned the untold story of Hulk Hogan.

How the potato famine changed Ireland forever and should we prepare for something similar?

did you know that a huge, painful part of Ireland's history is strongly tied to...potatoes?

5 Most Attractive Female Athletes

When it comes to sports, most people pay attention to the men's divisions. However, what they should be paying attention to are the female divisions. Not only are these women highly trained, but they're also all stunning. Though it was tough, we narrowed down our list and created the five most attractive female athletes.

15 of the strangest and unique Houses ever built

When you think of a house, you usually picture walls. These homes will blow your mind!