Is Kim Kardashian’s Diamond perfume KKW Fragrance

Is Kim Kardashian's perfume KKW Fragrance worth the buzz?

Released on November 8th, 2019, the trio of perfumes named "The Diamond Collection", was created to represent the three Kardashian eldest sisters ‐ Kourtney (Yellow bottle), Khloe (Pink bottle), and of course the perfume mogul, Kim (Clear bottle).

There definite differences between the three scents. Kourtney's smells much more sporty, playful, a scent you'd wear to a casual event with citrus undertones with magnolia, patchouli, and whipped vanilla. Khloe's reminds the user of a "flower bouquet", according to her, and indeed there's a sense of romance with a mix of bergamot, sparkling violet accord, and lilac blossoms.

As for Kim's, appropriately represented in the clear bottle which looks just like a flawless uncut diamond, the scent is more on the tropical side for a night out ‐ with hints of sugar-coated ginger, ylang-ylang, and white musk.

The idea behind the creation of these scenes was to provide a personal and individualized experience for the consumer ‐ assuming most of these will be Kardashian fans, to begin with. The perfumes are very much reminiscent of the different personalities we've grown up with.

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The romantic scent representing Khloe, together with the pink bottle represents her, her daughter True, and her tendency to be more of the peacemaker and being surrounded by pastels. Kourtney's scent reminds us of the health nut that she is, very fresh and airy. Kim's scent feels like opulence, expensive and lavish, like a Miami night at a fancy hotel lounge.

Famously, Kim has a whole line of perfumes which have been incredibly successful, and so it is surprising this newest collaboration with her sisters, which seems like just an attention grab.