Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster

Disclaimer: The products reviewed in this article are 100% THC Free. This article was written to shed light on the common solutions currently available for faster muscle recovery.

You may not have the money or the athletic team behind you like professional athletes do, but that doesn't mean you can't work on recovering your muscles.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster
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Though we assume only pro athletes need to work on muscle recovery, that's wrong—anyone who's physically active needs to make muscle recovery a priority. So, we found the 25 tips pro athletes use when they want to heal faster. Use these tips the next time you have a workout.

Consider rest and recovery equally as important as training

Before you even start improving your recovery process, you need to understand how important it is. If you're not resting and helping your body recover consistently, then you're not going to be helping yourself.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster
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Doing a treatment once in a while or ignoring your rest days aren't going to do your body any good. Make the conscious decision to invest in your recovery time by following these pro athlete tips.

Invest in slowing down

Everything is about being fast these days, but sometimes the best workouts are the slow ones. Instead of pushing your body to the limits, switch up your workouts and focus on slow workouts.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster
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You'll be able to focus on your form and give your body a deeper workout. In addition, by slowing down, you learn more about your body, your weak spots, and the areas you need to focus on during recovery.

Quality overrides quantity

When you're doing a workout, unless you're working out properly, it doesn't matter how long your workouts are. It's crucial you focus on the quality of your workout rather than the length.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster
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If you have perfect form but only work out for ten minutes, it's more effective than two hours at the gym with imperfect form. They help your muscle recovery after working out; make sure you're doing the correct form of your workouts to prevent unnecessary injury.

Stretch, stretch, stretch

We all tend to focus our attention on the actual physical activity we're doing. But once the workout is done, we skip over a crucial part: stretching. When it comes to muscle recovery techniques for athletes, stretching is on the top of the list.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster
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It improves blood flow to the muscles and increases motion, which prevents injury and improves flexibility and performance. Whether you're preventing a future injury or recovering from one, stretching is one method athletes use.

Get as much sleep as you can

We always overlook sleep, regardless of whether we're athletes or not. It's something that we've heard our mothers nag us about, but it turns out they were right. When it comes to recovering from an injury, sleep is essential. While sleeping, the body goes through the process of repairing muscle tissue and restoring balance within the body.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster

Sleep is especially important for athletes who are increasing their muscle mass, as it's believed a lack of sleep contributes to muscle loss. Tennis legend Roger Federer is known to sleep between ten and twelve hours per night, including LeBron James. These athletes have the best support around them so that they wouldn't be doing this for fun.

Try CBD-based healing products

In the athletic world, CBD-products are making a boom in the industry due to their effectiveness. Professional athletes are turning to CBD-based products that provide them with fast-acting pain relief without having to resort to pain medications.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster

Why take pharmaceutical pills when you can use a naturally based pain relief spray that works equally as well? CBD oil excels in relaxing the muscle and soothing the affected area. SHIR's Relief & Go is truly unique as it's made with a combination of CBD, menthol, magnesium chloride, and camphor—all ingredients focus on pain-relieving, enhancing muscle relaxation, and reducing swelling and inflammation. Not to mention, it's also vegan-friendly, THC-free, and GMO-free.

Are you drinking enough water?

Hydration is a key part of the recovery process, so you need to make sure you're drinking enough water. During training, hydration is important, but it's how much water you drink after that matters. Drinking water helps fill the cells, preventing them from falling into protein synthesis.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster
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In addition, hydration also helps with digestion, and during the recovery process, you want your body to absorb all the nutrients it can properly. Make sure you're drinking around half a gallon of water a day.

Improve blood flow

If you want to recover from an injury faster, you'll need to focus on improving blood flow to the injured area. The nutrients in the blood significantly help the recovery process by restoring muscle fibers.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster
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Without proper blood flow, the muscles cannot start the repairing process, prolonging the recovery time. Great ways to improve blood flow are through cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, walking, and biking.

Use the right treatment

The human body is pretty complex, and it's going to take time for you to learn about yourself. During the recovery treatment, you want to focus on using the right treatment. If there's a pain in your thigh, use treatments that are going to tackle the issue directly.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster
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For example, Shir's Relief & Go Spray can help you relax the area before using a foam roller or massage gun. Understanding what your body needs will take time; it's a process.

What is your body telling you?

San Fransisco Giants pitcher and 2014 World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner knows the importance of listening to his body. Whether he's working out or on the field during a game, he listens to his body and understands when it's time to back off.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster
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"I'm always trying to listen to my body and adjust to what it's telling me. I feel like I work pretty hard and I can listen to my body and make adjustments," Bumgarner says. Those adjustments can significantly affect the recovery time.

Get a massage

Massages are just for relaxation purposes. Many athletes get massages to alleviate tension in the muscles and reduce pain. A massage is an amazing muscle recovery technique as it makes the muscle recovery process quicken.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster
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However, getting a daily massage or even a weekly massage may not be in the cards for you, as they're not cheap. But that doesn't mean you cannot try other effective treatment methods for a fraction of the cost.

Experiment with ice

It's definitely not a comfortable treatment, so unless you like the cold, maybe try some of the other methods on this list. But ice baths have been well-documented to help athletes after intense training.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster
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Short applications of ice on a specific area or cold baths can help you recover faster from a workout or injury. Of course, you'll want to work your way up; the last thing you want is to give yourself a shock treatment.

Are you eating enough protein?

If you're an athletic person, then you already know the importance of eating enough protein. But perhaps you're not actually getting enough during this recovery period. Protein is an essential nutrient for the recovery process as it is made up of essential amino acids used to repair and build fibers in the muscles.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster

It's more important than ever during the recovery period as the body increases its photosynthesis rates, starting the muscle recovery process. Eating more protein will help increase the rate of synthesis. Stick to lean meats and fish that don't contain much fat. Or just powder protein like Momentous ArcFire Grass Fed Whey.

Perfect your exercise

If you want to improve your recovery time and prevent injuries from occurring, it's crucial you invest your time in focusing on your coordination as that's where your injuries come from. Warriors point guard and 2015 MVP Steph Curry focuses on "neuromuscular overload."

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster
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This means he spends his time perfecting his coordination through a series of complex exercises. Of course, you may want a trainer for this to help you out.

Give yourself an off-season

All athletes do this, and there's a reason why. You cannot work out six days a week for the rest of your life. You need to give yourself an off-season. Most athletes give themselves two to three months off from working out, allowing their bodies to recover and prepare for the following season.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster
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Naturally, you don't need to quit working out completely, but you can cut back on your frequency or switch up your routine.

Eat properly

As we said before, food is crucial when it comes to recovery. Are you eating the right amount of food and getting the right nutrients for your body? There are several foods and supplements that can help your body heal faster. Focus on vitamin C, which you can get from dark, leafy vegetables.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster

Vitamin C produces collagen which rebuilds tissues and had anti-inflammatory properties. Omega-3 fats limit inflammation and quicken the recovery process. Calcium-rich foods and vitamin D can help with bone injuries.

Red light therapy

Red light therapy is just entering the mainstream community as a physical therapy treatment. Some athletes use red light therapy to reduce inflammation, increasing the recovery process.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster

It's a non-invasive and painless treatment; all you do is sit in front of the red light therapy device daily for 10 to 15 minutes. However, there's a catch; it's not cheap. These devices are pretty pricey for the average person (no wonder only athletes use them).

Roll your muscles

If you're looking to relieve your muscles' tension, use a foam roller like the foam roller from TriggerPoint. It can help reduce the knots in areas such as your legs, back, arms, and sides.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster

Different techniques are used depending on the area and muscles needed to be rolled; however, you'll notice a significant difference. Muscle rolling helps restore the range of motion and eliminates tightness. So it works to alleviate pain and prevent future inflammation.

Eat more coconut

Coconuts? Yes, you read that right. Who would have thought? Including more coconut in your foods and drinks can greatly improve your recovery time. Why? Well, coconuts contain compounds called medium-chain triglycerides that are fats that can be absorbed into the bloodstream, helping the muscle recovery process.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster
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In addition, it's great for restoring hydration, which is why so many athletes drink coconut water after a workout. Coconut water contains electrolytes and potassium that reduce downtime between workouts.

Give your body time to heal

We know you want to heal quickly, but your body can't heal on demand. Even if you use some of these techniques, your body has its own recovery pass, and that's something you'll need to accept. Give your body time to heal. If you see you're experiencing pain in your muscles or joints, don't overdo it.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster
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Instead, know when you take a break and give your body a day or two to recover. If you continue to push yourself when your body isn't ready, you're at risk for a serious injury.

Invest in soft-tissue treatment devices

Soft-tissue devices like the Thergun can be used as an at-home treatment to quicken recovery by reducing muscle tension, increasing blood flow, and breaking up scar tissue. Yes, it does hurt, but it's a good pain if you know what we mean. You can use it just about anywhere.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster

Naturally, they're not cheap, especially if you're looking for one that's lightweight and compact, but they certainly are a good investment if you're highly athletic.

Learn about your body and workouts

The best way to recover from workouts and prevent injury is by knowing your body and the workouts you're doing. Do you have certain weak spots in your body? Are there specific workouts you're doing that are aggravating those areas rather than helping?

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster

It's important when working out, you create a program that suits your needs. Yes, everyone may be gushing over Crossfit, but if you have bad knees, that's not the right training program for you. Know your limits. Use a fitness tracker like Whoop 3.0 strap to learn about your workouts.

Use kinesiology tape

Many star athletes are using kinesiology tape as a part of their training and workout routine. Kinesiology tape is designed by listing the top layer of the skin away from the muscle tissues, improving circulation and range of motion.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster
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Increasing the circulation can help with post-workout inflammation, allowing the blood flow with ease to the area. Though, Kinesiology tape is a short-term recovery, as it provides immediate help but does not sustain itself over the long-term.

Learn to relax

In today's world, everything is go-go-go. But when it comes to recovering, you need to learn how to slow and relax. Read a book, grab a cup of tea, have a bath, spend some time unwinding from your workout, allowing your body to heal.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster
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If you're injured, instead of going for a run the following day, ease back into your workouts. Yes, you're itching to get back out there, but if you don't learn when it's time to relax, you're bound to injure yourself.

Try compression tights

Compression gear is a multi-million dollar industry, and some of the most famous athletes wear them. Compression tights were traditionally used for medical purposes to help with circulatory conditions. When they're worn, they increase blood flow through the veins and reduce swelling.

Top 25 Tips Pro Athletes Use To Heal Faster
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For athletes, they feel the increased blood flow also increases the clearance of blood lactate and creatine kinase, which prevents muscle damage.